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History of Ramakrishna Mission Digboi

The Ramakrishna movement in Digboi was formed by a a batch of young men in association with a group of devoted elderly persons inspired by the ideals of Shri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda. Shir Ramakrsihna Sevasrama, Digboi Assam was started on 26th January 1930, with a view of having a center for spiritual advancement and render philanthropic service to the people in and around Digboi. A full fledged Managing Committee was first formed in 1935 and was  under the flagship of  Uttar-Purbanchal Shri Ramakrishna Bhav Prachar Parishada. On 6th September 2021 Ramakrishna Mission Belur Math took over the ashrama as it's official branch center. 

Important events in the History Ramakrishna Movement in Digboi


Shri Ramakrishna Temple in Digboi

A plot of land was purchased in the year 1932 for the ashrama. The foundation stone was laid by Swami JapanandaJi Maharaj in 1936, in the presence of Shrimat Swami Suddhatmanandji (Debesh) Maharaj. Later in 1937 Swami Sambuddhanandaji Maharaj formally inaugurated the newly built temple and Swami Santanandaji Mahraj installed the potraits of Sri Sri Thankur in the inner scantum. 

Monastic Guidance

Monastic Guidance

The Sevasrama has been blessed by many senior monks of the Ramakrishna order and has grown in time over their holy guidance. Swami Saumyanandaji Maharaj, disciple of Swwmi Bramhananda Ji Maharaj and Swami Suddhatmanandaji (Debesh) Maharaj direct disciple of Holy Mother Sarada Devi has been visiting the ashrama since its inception at regular intervals. The  guided the activities of the ashrama for long time. Swami Suddhatmananda Ji Maharaj stayed permanently at the ashrama after his retirement for long 33 years i.e. from early 1950 till he left his material body in the year 1983.

Swami Saumyanandaji Maharaj also stayed here for some years.

'Saumyanandaji Bhawan' and  'Suddhatmananda Bhawan' were later erected as Sadhu Niwas in the loving memory of the revered monks. 
Handover to Ramakrishna mission Belur Math

Handover to Ramakrishna Mission Belur Math

The erstwhile Sri Ramakrishna Sevasrama, located in Mission Para, Digboi has subsumed itself with its religious parent body, the Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, West Bengal on 6th of September 2021 and has come to be known as the Ramakrishna Mission, Digboi. Formal Handover ceremony of Sri Ramakrishna Sevasrama, Digboi to Ramakrishna Mission held on 24th May 2022, infront of the general public of Digboi.

From 11.00 am, formal handover program was started which was presided by Srimat Swami GautamanandaJi. Swami Arunatmananda welcomed all the dignitaries and the devotees and Most revered Vice-President Maharaj gave his words of blessings. Swami Devarajananda, Swami Vishwatmananda and Swami Achyuteshananda shared their valuable thoughts on the dais. Swami Vedesarananda and Sri Abhijit Roy were also present on the dais. Swami Yadavendrananda and Swami Kripakarananda presented the opening and closing song respectively. Vote of thanks given by Sri Abhijit Roy.The day started with ‘Special Puja’, ‘Homa’ and ‘Anna Bhoga’ of Sri Ramakrishna. A morning rally ‘prabhat-ferry’ including the representatives of about 14 different educational, social and religious organizations were present to commemorate the philosophy of Sri Ramakrishna Deva’s ‘SARVA-DHARMA-SAMMANVAYA’.

The Digboi ashrama distributed about 150 tiffin packets to the patients and inmates of the Digboi Government Hospital. About 600 tiffin packets were separately distributed among the participants of the rally.