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Be grateful to the man you help, think of him as God. Is it not a great privilege to be allowed to worship God by helping our fellow men?

                                                                                                                - Swami Vivekananda
After any successful financial transfer please WhatsApp to +91 9123493785 or Email to digboi@rkmm.org
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2. Full Name 2. Full Address 3. Any Photo Id Number ( PAN / AADHANR / VOTER ID / PASSPORT NO. / DRIVING LICENCE / RATION CARD NO.) 4. Mobile no. 

for our office to maintain records.

Donation (Indian Citizens)

This donation page is for Indian donors.

The Ramakrishna Mission Digboi,  welcomes the public to take part in carrying out various types of work chalked out by Swami Vivekananda for serving humanityAdmirers and devotees, who are in sympathy with the objects but are unable to take part in our activities, are cordially invited to help us by contributing to one or more of the Funds, which need their active support.

Thakur Puja and Seva
Sri Sri Durga Puja
Sri Sri Kali Puja
Sri Sri Annapurna Puja
Guru Purnma
Sri Sri Ramakrishna Dev Tithi Puja
Sri Sri Sarada Devi Tithi Puja
Swami Vivekananda Tithi Puja
Help To Poor Students
Distress Relief
Cloth Distribution
Blanket Distribution
Sadhu Seva
Primary Relief
Welfare and Relief Activities
General Fund

Financial help or donations except CASH to the Ramakrishna Mission, Digboi are exempt from Income Tax under Section 80G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act. 1961 vide Approval no. AAAAR1077PF20214 dated 28-05-2021, valid till 31-03-2026. (Applicable only to Indian donors).

As per Rule No.18AB of the Income-Tax (6th Amendment) Rules 2021, which has come into force from 1st April 2021, every donor has to provide an ID Number irrespective of the donor's wish either to claim or to forego the tax exemption. Your kind co-operation & generosity will inspire us in our walk to bring about positive changes in the lives of people.                                                                                       

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Ramakrishna Mission, Digboi

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Punjab National Bank

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P.O-Digboi, Dist.-Tinsukia

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Kindly do mail us at digboi@rkmm.org or write to our WhatsApp no. +91 9123493785 furnishing your full postal address, PAN, Mobile no. & Email id after any financial transfer. This is required to issue receipts as well as for our office records.

"This life is short, the vanities of the world are transient, but they alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive." – Swami Vivekananda